It’s all about experiences. Both mine and yours that makes this blog come alive. With real life encounters and stories that leads to the founding of this blog. With a sense of justice needed to apprehend these scammers. I am sure that we do not want these dubious characters to escape from the hand of the law. b51771084b71fdf8377c37c310ea7cd3


5 thoughts on “About us

  1. momofuku says:

    Could you please provide evidence on what you have said on the shop at apower Mr Chai.

    If you can then we will post the up your comments.


  2. WY says:

    Malvin Sanger has tried to rip me off the same way as how he did to his previous victims. Thank God I managed to stop early, is there any way to report him and stop him from screwing up more people’s lives?


    1. Victim says:

      Hi, can u please share your story with me? I’m a very bad victim now. And I’m trying to gather evidence that he is a serial con man to make it into a criminal investigation rather than a civil.


  3. Victim says:

    I’m facing the same issue on the manpower. He has scammed a huge sum of money from me and my company, siphoned more than a million to his old company and had me involved in cases with mom on levy and salary, cpf on phantom workers, forging of my signature to get workers in without my knowledge, etc.

    I need help. Please assist


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