Profiling a Con

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It is said that Cons and cheats have certain character traits. Which after exposing so many of them we can see a few common profile with among these fraudsters and Con

  1. Without a doubt they are full of air and arrogant
  2. All of them love to spend other’s people money freely and easily
  3. Love boosting and showing off their prowess
  4. Always claim that they are able to bring a huge amount of funds in
  5. A very very common trait we see among them in fact all of them they all think they are highly intelligent. We see it in James Jones, Mike Ajibola and Malvin Sanger. However, these people are not even familiar with the banking system and claims that they are able to bring in huge amount of cash
  6. They like to travel with huge entourage. It seems again to show off their prowess. This is quite common with Malvin Sanger who likes to show off who he knows and who is he with. Something only a Con would do. I suppose.

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