Is Scott Hallington still in Singapore

Well, we seen too many con-artist promising the moon and the stars which however they fail to deliver. The same with Mr Hallington who is supposedly to be working with Mr XX while milking him.

According to reliable sources, Mr XX have presented him with a Bentley, a apartment in the heart of Orchard and an Amex Centurion Card (we call the Amex black card) which have an unlimited spending amount on it which you could easily use to swipe for a BMW.

With a promise of 1B financing for Mr XX business, which began in May 2016 but till today there is only empty promises and nothing delivered. This is a handy work from a Con-Artist. With that we have heard from Mr XX that he have closed SXX investment House which is registered under his name and Scott.

Of course the apartment, the car and the Amex is now taken away and Scott is probably on the lookout for his next “MARK”. Someone who is desperate enough to believe him and provides him with some spare change.


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