JJPTR (from Poor to Rich) another Scam ?

It has been a long while since this blog was updated. Latest news JJPTR have been hacked and 5b was stolen from the M4 account by Hackers ???

By the way JJPTR claims to use a forex platform, luring investors to put in money from as little as USD25 to as much as USD1000. Promising them a monthly profit of 20%.

Eg. You put in USD1000 your monthly profit would be USD200

Most legit investment companies would require individuals to invest starting with at least $10,000 the more legit they are the higher investment amount is required. Especially since more complex investment tools are targeted at individuals with higher disposal income.

JJPTR just sounds like another “Money game” or we call it Ponzi Scheme. Which no actual platform is used but the funds from one individual investor to another. And with each referral that the investor introduces to JJPTR they get a 5% com on a weekly basis. If this sounds too good to be true then it possibly is.

We would like to warn investors to stay away from JJPTR and not invest in them.

Latest update : Ever since their account was hacked, their operation staff and their founder Mr Johnson Lee have been uncontactable.


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