Who is Scott Hallington ???

We have news that this person is now located in Singapore. Residing in some apartment in Orchard Road. A pretty impressive apartment in the heart of town. However, we are not sure if the British authorities should be informed of his Money Laundering activities here.

Fraudster’s claims don’t impress judge

By This is Plymouth  |  Posted: May 21, 2011


A CITY fraudster who went on the run for years has failed to impress Judge Graham Cottle with his claims about being a globe-trotting businessman.

Scott Hallington, 36, also known by the surname Jobson, was jailed for six months at Exeter Crown Court, having failed to turn up there in 2006.

He conned businesses in the city and failed to pay bills for staying at hotels including the Royal Clarence in the city centre.

Hallington claimed to have become a successful businessman, first living in Dubai in Saudi Arabia and then in Malaysia, after failing to turn up at the crown court six years ago.

The defendant, who appeared in custody, had also provided a reference from his fellow partner at Remit Financial Ltd in Harley Street, London.

The judge said: “I’m not really sure what to make of you.”

He added: “I’m still left with this lingering doubt about whether everything I’ve been told about you is true. I’ve no doubt if I made a community order, you would breach it.”

The defendant said: “Why? Explain to me why?”

Judge Cottle then continued: “It’s what you’d do, so the alternative is a custodial sentence. You certainly deserve a custodial sentence.”

Hallington had pleaded guilty to four thefts, two of which involved making off without payment, a charge of money-laundering and a bail offence which was for absconding.

The defendant, whose latest official address is his business one in Harley Street, London, admitted theft of a laptop worth £1,999.99 from the Sony Centre in 2004 and of a plasma TV from the same shop, worth £4,099.97 on another date that year.

He also admitted making off without payment when he owed £70 to the Kellsmoor Guest House on January 16, 2006, and a similar offence when he owed £1,331.20 to the Royal Clarence Hotel, on Cathedral Green, on February 14 that year.

Hallington also admitted an offence of money-laundering between February 2005 and June that year.

The absconding charge was when he failed to attend the crown court on August 4, 2006, having been released on unconditional bail at Central Devon Magistrates’ Court on June 15 that year.

He had been due to attend the crown court for a plea and case management hearing over the charge of money-laundering.

Prosecutor Bathsheba Cassel said: “He failed to attend his hearing and was not picked up on a bench warrant until April 2, 2011, when he pleaded guilty to the bail act offence.”

She said he has 11 previous convictions for 28 offences from 1993 to 2005 which included fraud, theft and failing to surrender.

Defence counsel Nigel Wraith said the defendant failed to turn up because he was offered a job in Dubai and was in “financially desperate circumstances”.

He said Hallington had worked for a steel fabrication company and then moved to Malaysia, where he now had a British girlfriend who was living in Kuala Lumpur.

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