Malvin Sanger Fraudulent Ways

In our most recent finds, we have found out that Malvin Sanger although have closed their operations of Sanger Engineering & Construction. They are now operating the same schemes using Water Savers International Pte Ltd (200609671N). A company set up 9years ago which was kept dormant until recently. It was revived to work the same business all over again.

And this time the company is not operated under Mr Uttam Singh was he was very much blacklisted from MOM but under the name of another Proxy which of course was baited by Malvin nonetheless.

They have since moved to #02-44 Enterprise One in Kaki Bukit. Creditors after these crooks do take note of their new address.

Sanger Engineering & Construction have failed to pay levies of its workers and not only that. They also owed Financial institutions a great sum of money. Under a false pretense that it was to be used for operations.



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