A continuation on Mike Ajibola and his SCAMS !!!

This was again taken from Ethical Suppliers and we feel that the public should be informed on his scam. Thanks Mr Henry Sammy for the story and Bravo to Ethical Suppliers to pointing out frauds. Which is of course very much hated in the industry.

It is advised not to deal with Nigerians especially the likes of Mike Ajibola.

1 Feb 2017 Update: 

Henry Wanyama submitted documents detailing further fraud and loss of funds due to Solemi Investments/Micheal Olusegun Ajibola. Click to view, right click to save as PDF.

THIS ARROGANT CROOK (Solemi Investments)

I have an issue of theft through false pretenses to make against Mr. Ajibola who I know is dealing with HSBC and other banks and using it to con unsuspecting clients and associates.


I know that from HSBC in Singapore to Toronto, London and South  Africa, you are all trying to do business with a Mr. Micheal Olesugun Ajibola, the person I have come to understand to be a very dishonest individual in handling money which he solicites from associates under pretext that he will get them financial instruments.


I was introduced to Mr. Ajibola by Ronald Gregory of TRAC Trade Finance based in Toronto in August, 2015. At the time I was looking for an instrument to buy Sugar from SEATTLE INVESTMENT LIMITED. Mr. Ajibola presented himself as a man of integrity and action, and who had the ability to make “miracles” of getting financial instruments happen from HSBC in Singapore (this is the reason I am copying this message to the officer at HSBC Singapore). He later asked us to pay USD3000.00 to a Mr. Wang who, according to him, banked with HSBC. He informed us that he would liaise with  the said Wang to get the financial instrument from HSBC, Singapore. This never happened and once payment was made, Mr. Wang disappeared  from the scene. Mr. Ajibola sent us USD900 at the time to which we added USD2100 to make the USD3000.00 requested. However, we have come to learn and now believe strongly that the USD900 was a bait for him to defraud us of USD2100.00. Unbelievable.


Late last year, 2015, on various suspicions about the activities of Mr. Ajibola, who by then had asked for a further USD50,000.00 from us for the said instrument, we withdrew from this arrangement and asked him to refund the USD2100 paid to Wang at Mr. Ajibola’s directive (we didn’t know Mr. Wang and have never met him, our trust and action was based on the trust we had for Ronald Gregory who introduced Ajibola to us). However, since then, Mr. Ajibola has been dodging and avoid my calls on Skype, phone and whatsapp. In essence avoiding to make the refund. He has in fact since then resorted to all kinds of excuses, the latest, according to Ronald Gregory being that because one of my associates (recipient of this email) posted her suspicions of Ajibola’s integrity and dubious business activities on the internet, he is upset and doesn’t want to pay back the money! Surely, this kind of positions and behavior are only taken by crooks and fraudsters not genuine business people. Mr. Ajibola’s intentions are now becoming very clear each and every day that he is and indeed has always been a fraud and a smooth criminal whose intentions are to steal from unsuspecting clients and associates in the commodity business space. He needs to be stopped and contained, shamed and made to refund all he has taken from us and others.


I have decided to extend the information to the bank so that they know about it. For the HSBC bank official, I need you to see this as a complain against Mr. Ajibola for his fraudulent financial behaviour and activities. And to Mr. Ajibola, please note that if we shall not have received our funds by Friday this week (which is tomorrow), we will write to all those other banks and others that you have misled and continue to mislead about the financial instrument fake story. So, take this as a warning shot.


Kind regards.



Henry Sammy Wamaama PhD.
Executive Director,

Tashma Green Consultants, Johannesburg, SA & Tashma Green (K) Limited, Nairobi, Kenya
+27  82 973 3743; Fax +27865009663; Skype. hswanyama

2 thoughts on “A continuation on Mike Ajibola and his SCAMS !!!

  1. Stupid man says:

    He also scammed a lot of people in Singapore. Living in 32 Lor Pisang Udang, SINGAPORE, BT TIMAH. Go for him, Police!


  2. Jon says:

    Sorry for the loss but this is small amount compared to what Secure Platform Funding is doing to innocent victims. Secured Platform Funding scams each victim way in excess of $150,000 and some customers have lost 400k to secure Platform. We need to expose these criminals to save innocent victims…

    1. Secure Platform Funding (SPF) Charge Huge Money for Broker license, some people paid 35,000 euros just to get broker license? Other legitimate companies give broker license 100% FREE.

    2. They claim after I pay the upfront fee for broker license that they will pay me 1.5% commission for every transaction they get from my country Belgium even though I dont know anything about the transactions. But normally a broker is supposed to get commission based on referrals. This is 100% scam because Secure Flatform Funding (SPF) never paid any broker any such fee and they never even successfully closed any deals. They just steal your money using bogus so called attorney trust accounts as escrow but in reality they own the escrow accounts and once you deposit money into these escrow accounts they would start telling you stories till you get tired. I am a broker from Belgium, my client is waiting to receive his promised SBLC since 7 months now without success and the 250,000 EUR my client paid cannot be refunded. 100% SCAMMERS.

    3. Secure Flatform Funding (SPF) have published list of competitor Banks calling them Banned without any proof or any others by any regulatory authority. Most of the banks are legit on the banned list and working according to Banking rules and in business. Guys don’t waste time paying attention to Secure Flatform Funding (SPF), their website is full of self composed fake stories and their aim is to deceive gullible and ignorant people.

    4. Secure Platform Funding is 100% fake, tell them to show you proof of any deals they closed successfully and they will start telling bs stories. According to Interpol, Secure Flatform Funding (SPF) has over 14 fraud cases against them and many victims are shy to come out.

    5. Secure Flatform Funding (SPF) claims to be a NEVIS registered company but they are using a London phone number, that is clear evidence of fraud. If you are based in Nevis why not use a NEVIS phone number? Why use London landline to deceive people? They are frauds, they are using a fake London phone number that is hosted on SKYPE. We got to know because our lawyers found out through the help of the police. Otherwise since they are using a London landline why cant they give you their address in London if they are not FRAUDSTERS? This is their London phone number: +44 20 3808 9841??? Red Flag number 1.

    6. The government of NEVIS has made a press statement saying that Secure Plaform Funding is not registered and is 100% Scam. Please check this warning statement direct from the government of Nevis website: http://www.nevisfsrc.com/advisories-2/warnings/371-secure-platform-funding

    7. A sign of desperation: SECURE PLATFORM FUNDING: http://sapphirecapital.proboards.com/thread/7505/sign-desperation-secure-platform-funding

    8. BANK INSTRUMENTS SCAMMER – SECUREPLATFORMFUNDING.COM: https://www.scamwarners.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&p=294155

    Beware of Secure Platform Funding Scam: https://www.scamguard.com/secure-platform-funding/

    The internet is littered with sad stories and warning reports against Secure Flatform Funding (SPF), so please run away from them if you haven’t sent them any money yet. All the people that gave money to Secure Flatform Funding (SPF) cannot recover any money because the guys are scammers and invincible. For months now we have been tracing them without success and our 250k Euros is gone, sad.


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