Apple doesn’t fall far from The Tree

It is some great interest, but little surprise, that I am getting to break to you the news on the passing of the baton from one generation to the next of world class white collar criminals. It has come to my attention this week of a police report that mentions one, Nils Razmilovic. What makes this report stand out, apart from the $200 million fraud he is named in, was the notoriety this family name has in the world of large scale fraud.
A quick google search will explain a lot of what I am talking about but please let me give you a quick history lesson. Well it appears that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The link is Nils father, Tomo Razmilovic, the most wanted white collar criminal in USA at the moment. Nils, like his father is accused of fraudulent behaviour which cost both their former clients hundreds of millions of dollars. A further quick scroll through google and Nils past history starts to show a very clear MO. The disaster of the Dragon Back Hedge Fund in Hong Kong is a quick sneak peek into how Nils gets large amounts of money from people who should know better. The secret is a little further back in Nils history where he was a very successful young sailor. Nils uses this skill to mix with the well-heeled of any society, actively involving himself in the sailing clubs of Hong Kong and Singapore where there is an abundance of wealthy people.

Nils has certainly caught my attention and my early digging around is starting to show some very interesting activity that Nils and his company in Singapore Tamu Pte Ltd are currently involved in. Future post will include the results of these findings, which already include an Ministry of Man Power report for unpaid wages and CPF of over $100,000, how he is using the Cayman Islands via Dubai to move money, ventures in Kenya, corrupt officials, the lawyers involved in adding this activity and global brands like Dupont, Unilever and Glanbia that have all been sucked into this web of fraud and deceit. Stay tuned its going to be an interesting read and maybe one of you might be able to help collect the rather substantial reward being offered for Mr Razmilovic!

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