Is Investigative Journalism dead ???

The very sole purpose of setting up this blog was of course to catch Scammers. Certain subjects however are not that straight forward especially since it’s entanglement with government bodies. As the author of the blog of course we would dig as much information as we can to alert the public of course with public information made available to the public.

Examples like biz-file, Quest net and Bankruptcy searches

We would like to appeal to investigative journalist to look into certain matter which we would not yet reveal in the blog but it concerns a certain tertiary education institute in the system and this questions the integrity of the education system and how much due diligence is carried forward before allowing a supplier to set foot in the campus ???

For readers who have seen “Spotlight” the movie would be very much able to relate to this. As certain matters would very much be preferred to be swept under the carpet than to bring it to the public’s eye.

Fraudulent characters should never be involved in the education system of Singapore. Which is of course uncalled for ??? And as author of the blog we would like to see this matter being brought to LIGHT !!!

We are urgently seeking Investigative journalist to look into this matter. Which might turn out to be a scandal or even larger than IMDB

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