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Solemi Investments – possible scammer

His accomplice – Micheal Olusegun Ajibola (from

Posted on September 11, 2015

Details of his accomplice have all been submitted to the higher authorities here in Singapore as well. James & Maria accomplice Mike have to be dragged in because of his association with them. As stated in the voice recording on the 2nd of April 2015. Recorded at 356 Alexandra Road Alexis Condo #03-42 he mention that James & Maria would need to collect a “closing fee” from sources in order to process the loan.

Because of his association with them, he would have to be investigated as well for this matter by the higher authorities in Singapore. His full name for those that needs to know is Micheal Olusegun Ajibola (a Nigerian) from Solemi Investments located in Ghana.

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20/06/2016 update by Ethical Suppliers: We received the following e-mail and documents from Tashma Green Consultants run by Dr Henry Wanyama, who we are sure won’t mind this information being made public in the interests of security. 


Morning Lara,


You should have asked me first instead of informing me. We had the same issue when we started dealing with Solemi Investment Ghana Limited in the current Sugar Transaction involving Seatle Investment Limited and Trac Trade Finance Corporation both reputable companies in New Zealand and Canada respectively. .

In our case we were required and make payment to the company and the transaction has gone ahead without any hitch. The Sugar transaction is currently underway.

The allegations on the internet made against Solemi and the Chilean headed company were made by a disgruntled staff who had an issue with the Chile based Director who was in Singapore at the time and had sought Solemi’s assistance to procure a financial instrument the same way Dennis dismissed you guys last week for failing to provide Maize. It had nothing to do directly with Solemi as we came to learn. This matter has since been handled by the court in Singapore but as one would expect, the work of cheeky people bent on marring others reputations will always hover on the internet and social media longer. The documents attached attests to this fact.

The decision is therefore yours whether to deal with Solemi or not, however I can assure you the accusations are baseless and I would not still be doing business with Solemi if they were fraudulent. WE HAVE DONE OUR BACKGROUND CHECK WHICH IS PART OF HOW WE ARE WORK.

Thank you.

Henry Sammy Wanyama PhD.
Executive Director,

Tashma Green Consultants, Johannesburg, SA & Tashma Green (K) Limited, Nairobi, Kenya
+27  82 973 3743; Fax +27865009663; Skype. hswanyama

By the way, what Henry Sammy have mention this matter never went to Court. This was just a plain Cease & Desist letter, which was send to Lara. And Lara from Ethical Suppliers have obviously made a sound decision by publishing this online as well. To of course forewarned the public about this SCAMMERS !!! Who claimed that they are not.

We would like to express our Gratitude to Lara on the above matter. And please contact the author of this blog to exposed more of their scams.

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