Malvin Sanger – The making of a Con Man Part 2

This is a story about W,  an elderly man probably about age 50plus who was conned by Malvin Sanger. We do have news that MOM is coming down on Sanger E&C already and frequently called in for questioning.

Malvin was introduced to W a year ago, Malvin was “posing” as a financier stating that he was with a syndicate a pub located at Tanjong Pagar call “Bottoms”.  However, during this time W was not in need of funds thus didn’t follow up on it.

It wasn’t until October 2015. W required a sum of 500K to expand his business. Which his now located in Tuas. He then approached remembering that he was some sort of financier of some kind. However, Malvin mention that there was a need for an upfront fee of 3% of the loan amount in order to pay off legal charges and administrative charges. When of course we all know that Malvin have no means of financing W.

Since W wasn’t able to raise 15K for a 500K loan. He manged to raise a sum of 9K instead. And have given that amount as an upfront fee to Malvin. Hoping that Malvin will be able to arrange a loan of $300,000 for him.

Before the 12th of January 2016, W have handed Malvin a sum of $2000 and he told W that this sum will be arrange to pay for the deposit of the loan. And as for the rest of the monies of $7000 it was given to Malvin on the 12th of January 2016.

On 12th January 2016, W have met up with Malvin to hand him this cash money. Thereafter there are still meetups and Malvin have assured him that the funds will be coming from Hongkong. Which is of course not true as witness have heard him saying that he was not interested in helping W at all. Malvin was just putting up an act to scam the poor man.

On the 5th of Feburary 2016, Malvin have left for Singapore for Vietnam for a week. And yet there is still no sign of funds.

W have then realized that he was being scammed by Malvin. Making his way to serangoon garden to look for him and ask for his money back but of course to no avail. Malvin of course have once again promised to return the money on the 5rh of April 2016 which of course did not happened ?

This is what we term as Advance fee fraud and the authorities shouldn’t take this lightly.

The blog now will be constantly updated as things are moving at a warp speed now and we are sure justice will be bought to people like Malvin and Tan Ah Chai (“TAC”)



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