Malvin Sanger the Mini- Con man

That’s the story that we have gotten from a reliable source, that Malvin is a smaller and lousier version of a con-man compared of course to TAC (Tan Ah Chai).

Apparently, sometime in January 2013 he have transferred a hefty sum of $140,000 with the promise of riches to TAC. Because of some SBLC deal that was promised to him but of course never fulfilled.

And Malvin was none other then someone that sells hope, feeding on the negative energy of those unemployed and loners. Always driving them around to attend his unproductive meetings but never paid them a single cent.

On hand we of  course have proof from lawyers of his fraudulent practices together with TAC of how some people have send him an amount of $500K to Entasia Interactive but was never repaid back. Even Bikees from Australia came down to knock on his door demanding their money back.

We are very sure should his OA hear about this, severe actions will be taken. Knowing that he is a bankrupt yet soliciting for funds.

We would reveal more information with more evidence backed by proof.

Malvin Sanger NRIC



4 thoughts on “Malvin Sanger the Mini- Con man

  1. paul says:

    This malvin is a fraud, he also cheated on me used my name to take money and yet have not paid a single cent yet. The law should take this matter into consideration. He created fake directorship for people using them to take loans. Also editing the bank balance and etc. He has many company if i am nt wrong there he and his father doing man power business and the company is called sanger engineering and construction pte ltd.


    1. paul says:

      I wanted to leave my email so u can contact me throught there is there any possible way to contact u through email i can tell u my story den u can ltr on repharse it thank you i am alrdy angry n broke by this asshole


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