Banned Assets and Financial instruments Providers

Secure Platform Funding DOES NOT work with or Monetize Assets or any Financial Instruments from the following Asset Classes or Providers:

1/ Asset Classes

  • IBOEsSecure Platform Funding Rejected
  • CMO’s
  • Bank Drafts
  • African Banks
  • Treasury Bonds & Notes
  • Offset Bonds
  • Proof of Funds Services
  • Promissory Notes
  • In-ground Assets
  • Copper Isotopes
  • Venezuelan Bonds
  • Sovereign Guarantees
  • Historical Bonds including Mexican Bonds

2/ Asset Providers

  1. Baoming Group Corporation – Costa Rica
  2. Baoming Group Company – Hong Kong
  3. CNF Merchant Bank – Italy
  4. Commercial Development Bank – UK & Australia
  5. Continental Finance Group – NZ
  6. Credit Boston International – USA
  7. Crown Financial & Merchant Bank – UK
  8. Echo Capital – USA
  9. Embank – USA
  10. Estrategia Instruments – USA & Brazil
  11. Eurobank – Azerbaijan
  12. Euro Exim Bank – UK
  13. Fidelity Commercial Bank – NZ & Kenya
  14. Fortress Bank – Cyprus
  15. General Equity – NZ
  16. Secure Platform Funding RejectedGlobal Financings – USA
  17. Guarantees EU – UK
  18. Guarantees UK – UK
  19. Imax Funding Ltd – Hong Kong
  20. Imperial Banking – Cyprus
  21. Iteesi PGmbH – Belgium
  22. KBC Aldini Capital – Dubai
  23. Lloyds Underwriters Corporation S.A – Costa Rica
  24. Metro Capital Bank – UK
  25. New York Security Bank – USA
  26. Panamian Trust and Savings Guarantee – Panama
  27. PLG Capital Bank – St Lucia
  28. Point Bank – UK
  29. Ricom Trust – Russia
  30. Soleil Chartered Bank / Soliel Capital – USA
  31. Standford Funding – UK & USA
  32. Suisse Bancorp – Hong Kong
  33. Suisse Credit Bancorp – UK
  34. Suisse Credit Capital – UK
  35. Suisse Merchant Capital – UK
  36. Suisse PLC – UK
  37. Swift Giants – USA
  38. Swiss Trading and Fiduciary Trust – Switzerland
  39. The Baoming Group LLC – USA
  40. The Hanson Group of Companies – Panama
  41. Trade Bankcorp – Canada
  42. Trust Investment Bank – Pakistan
  43. Unicom Bank – Ukraine
  44. Union Credit Guarantee – Spain
  45. Vectrabank – USA

3/ List of Unauthorised Banks – (Updated 2014)

And we remembered very well that James did try to get an instrument from Eurobank from Azerbaijan which is of course banned. The similarities that we find here these instruments providers are using not the TOP Class AA Banks which are well known. Mostly from C or D grade banks or institutions. Which is of course also not recognize.

3 thoughts on “Banned Assets and Financial instruments Providers

  1. Ch. Grysczyk says:

    We found that our compnay ITEESI PGmbH, a consultancy company in Belgium has been listed from Secure Funding Plattform as blocked Asset Provider.
    Please be informed that we are not an asset provider, we are a consultancy company that had come accross the offer of Secure Funding Plattform and in the process of verifying the offer of this company asked questions which Mr. Bruce Green did not want to answer for his own reasons.
    Is there a way to register with your webpage that ITEESI PGmbH Eupen is happy to be blacklisted by as we have no intention to recomend any company that lacks the necessary transparency when trying to do business and getting other peoples money.

    Best Regards
    Huette 79
    4700 Eupen – Director


  2. Dixit Shashank says:

    Sir we have genuine Biz track record and looking for SBLC for USD 4.5 Mil just one time and if relation built well will move on further deals , Please advise if any funder do help us in this.
    We have official letter from Standard Chartered Singapore.
    Dixit Shashank
    mobile + 65 97429633


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