How a local director extorts and threatens for the sake of money !!!!

This person who was once a local director of some company decided that since the shares was allocated to him out of goodwill. He decides to take advantage of it. Resulting in extortion and threats to the current business owner. Who by the way was kind enough to allocate some shares to him as a local director.

The said person is nothing other than Chai Zhi Xiong. NRIC : S1633136H. A 52year old man who we think is not in his right frame of mind. Asking for a sum of $70K to step down as a local director.

These are the people that we will gladly put up for the public to see how despicable some people can be just for the sake of $$$. It is even more of a joke as he have not put in any share capital and tried to extort money out of the company.

Down the road we will post more information and of course his photographs. So the public can have a good look at a real bad person who claims to be helping someone but in actual fact trying to squeeze money out of the poor business owner.


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