Real Issuers of SBLCs and BGs

For those that have been scammed enough in the market by  scammers they should know all know by now that Real issuers of these papers requires no upfront fee. The only fee that they need to pay is to the Bank for issuing the paper and the issuer probably another + 2 of the cost of the paper. Most fresh cur from reputable banks would cost an easily 10-12% of the face value of the paper.

So for those who are still paying upfront fees for lease paper. I am sorry but you have indeed got CON. Like what James and Tan is doing all asking for upfront fees.

So think again if you are paying upfront fees ?

4 thoughts on “Real Issuers of SBLCs and BGs

  1. Sebastian Olin says:

    Given all the negative threads can I suggest collating everyone who has been conned by James Jones (including myself) and file a report with Interpol. Its the only way anything will ever get done, local Police wont do anything and no point suing he has no money. I suspect on a case by case basis there is not much to go on, but if 50 or a 100 cases were presented then no one can ignore these. I am willing to collate everyone who has been conned by James Jones if they are willing to pass me their names, that will I will start collating enough evidence. My email is I am happy for you to post this message as is.


  2. william says:

    Hi malvin is a con man working hand in hand to cheat a good friend of his by the name vin who is now bankprut he tied many time to cheat me but i never trust him recently he and his father using changi airport t4 to con foregin workers for money the law must catch up wtith him and the money malvin cheated from people with tan ah chai he bank it in thailand and vitnem in his so call girlfriend and every 2 to 3 months he will travel to this place to cash out money the besuty part is goverment allow him to tavel under bankprut?


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