We suspect that James is reading his blog diligently

Recently, there have been a huge dump of views. Is coming especially from Chile. Which also means that James is following this blog closely. Is not technically “his” blog just that most of the stuffs that is written here is mostly about this not so great “doings” .

And maybe just maybe he wants to see which direction this blog is heading. By the way, if Aleph Trading Group Pte Ltd in Singapore is not getting a response from these idiots. We are very sure according to the Corp Sec here that in a matter of time the Singapore government here will issue a Warrant of Arrest especially for Maria De Castillo since she is the MD here of the Singapore entity.

Good Luck to both of you James & Maria, your days are quite numbered

For people who would like to contact us for Fraud Detection Services, please do write to us at cscammers@gmail.com attached the papers that you would like to us to Vet and we will come back to you very shortly on that. Rather than spending a few hundred grand to get con by people like James and his wife Maria

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