Why is fraud detection necessary ?

Scammers would always come up with new schemes to try to con and cheat the public. For those who are unaware of what is  real paper and fake paper (SBLCs) the chances of getting scammed is of course a lot higher. Which means that scammers would get away with millions from the innocent and naive.

For those who are unaware the scammers out there would entice you with a lease paper, send you hell a stack of forms to fill up. Asking for your personal details, corporate resolution and your banking details. Without even producing their own KYC for you to do your due diligence on them and that would of course pose a problem ?

Even if they require you to escrow the “upfront fees” it could be well a setup as well. Why you might ask ? Isn’t escrow supposed to be safe. Nope, they could setup a fake law firm and once your escrow your funds to them they could draw down your fees. Even before sending the SBLC to you.

Thus Fraud detection is the first stage which you have to be very sure how actually is an SBLC done and how it can be draw down before getting conned into believing that lease papers can be cashed out and helped in your business. That is a lot of bulls !!! No lease paper would ever get draw down not a chance. SBLC is a banking instrument handled only in the institutional level of the banks. Not by some RM that does retail banking or corporate banking.

For more details on fraud detection, please do contact us at cscammers@gmail.com and we could look through your papers for you even before you hand them your “upfront fees” which is of course not encourage.


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