When investors tell you, You will be in charge of my funds ?

Be very wary about this, as having been in the finance industry for awhile. No legitimate investor will tell you that he will transfer his funds to you and you will be writing cheques for his funds to be used for investments in projects you deem that will make you some money.

It is best to be extra careful when they tell you things like that. Sounds too good to be true. I definitely think it is. Because even Private Equities with experience in investing in projects got no access to these funds as Investors normally do not transfer to your account and let you be in charge of it. Sounds like a total bullshit.

Lastly, what likely will happen will be that, they will try to send you some papers like SBLCs or BGs and expect you to cash it out for them. But before they can do that since most of these papers are leased. They would probably require some upfront cash from you before sending you these papers.

So if it sounds too good to be true like almost a fairy-tale then yes it probably is.


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