CBM….Are they legit ?

CBM also known as CB Morgan Capital claims that they are some brokerage firm in US that helps fund projects. And they are the ones that got our sources Mr James Jones which turns out to be a fraud.

Besides that CB Morgan collects a sum of commitment fee like USD 12800 before proceeding to hunt an “investor” for you. So far in the experience of my sources they don’t seem to be too legit either since they have not done their due diligence on James & Maria. We even have information that James was founded by them through LinkedIn. Which all the more we suspect if they are a legit brokerage firm.

It would be good for readers to be wary of such firms that collects an upfront commitment fee without putting in any real effort to provide the borrowers with any real “investors”. Well James turn out to be fake, so we are also unsure how many more out there are being con by someone by the name of Mike Mwara who claims to be a senior underwriter for CB Morgan Capital.

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