Be wary of your investments ?

We have spoken about James Jones long enough and should switch to something different now. Most recently, we have hear of investment companies that suddenly shut it doors leaving it investors in a lurch.

This happened during the year 2013 which as many as 70 investors have put their money in Trees. Promising them Agarwood oil which could be sold for a tidy profit. Investors were persuaded by these promoters to put in from $230 – $550 ranging from an investment in a sapling or a semi mature tree. With its sales agreement stating that there is a guaranteed return of $400-$600 for every Agarwood oil harvested. And of course as Singaporeans most of them buy the idea and invested.

Investors have since made police report against these companies mainly known as TFV (Tropical Forestry Ventures) and TFAM (Tropical Forestry Assets Management). We would advised all investors before investing to take per-cautionary measures like conducting due diligence on these investment firms until proven satisfactory before investing.

As too many cases have been happening and the latest trend we hear in the market is investing in live seafood. Well, I suggest to be wary of these kind of schemes and gimmicks as well. As good as they sound they are most likely too good to be true.




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