More Revelations on James

Its about time we reveal  more about James darkest secrets. Well, he thought it was well hidden unfortunately it was not.

He had “purchased” many cars with so called financing causing a car dealer to shut down for no real bank. I was done !!!!! never heard or seen him again and he contacted my daughter in 2008 and promised her so many things and of course failed. He never paid for child support to any of his kids not one. Like XXX my parents and family helped me his parents help me out with my daughter and there was for most part also they are awesome people his family. He was the ROTTEN APPLE.


This was something that a very close “relative” said about him. He has caused HELL to many others as well. That explains why he have different children from different wives. Unfortunately, the one that stick around was Maria. Well, most of his ex-wives thought that she have married TRASH. That’s what all of our sources thought so too. Probably including the Corp Sec that setup James so call company here in Singapore.

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