Scammers and their schemes

Readers who have read the blog would have realize that Scammers all like to use this method which is going direct to whom they are supposed to fund and cut away the middle person.

Scenarios like these have surface in circumstances with Tan Ah Chai and James Jones. Both scammers only one is a lesser evil. Both equally scheming. Once they have gotten the direct the middle person have no idea what is happening. The 2nd method is to create disharmony between all parties, creating distrust among one another. Well, it didn’t work cause well once the scheme have been broken people will start comparing notes and deemed that the particular person is a Con-artist.

James & Maria both my sources deemed them as no guts and have gone into hiding since. Looks like they are nothing but weak people. As for Tan Ah Chai the so call Director of Coastal Asia Holdings Pte Ltd, there is a case of victims suing him now for their monetary losses of close to 7m.

James & Maria would one day get their desserts. As we all know that NO DEED GOES UNPUNISHED.  To think that he is willing to let Maria be the “fall” guy, just goes to show how low life James is ? Do you agree James ?

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