James Passport Photo

This happened awhile back, way back in 2014 China. The first time when my source got hold of James Passport. Let’s recall this is how he looks like. My source at that point of time didn’t get a very good feel about it but chose to ignore the gut instinct instead.


James does look like a Scammer and a Con-man but at that point of time. Everyone was too blind to admit it. And if everyone notice OHIO is a very poor state in the US, besides if he possesses millions of dollars would he be in Chile.

And the way he dresses is too shabby to be able to fund million of dollars. Besides he is too careful with his money. Firstly would someone who posses million of dollars have a problem paying his own airfare here to Singapore. A real investor would mostly pay for their own trip and expenses and not finding excuses not to pay them. James is one of those who is superb at tooting his own horn but produces NOTHING !!!! For those that still believes in him, Good Luck to you guys. He is nothing but a CON and a CHEAT.

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