M and his made up stories

Readers, if you all still recall M is the accomplice of Mr Tan Ah Chai the guy that have swindled people close to 7M dollars.

How would my sources describe M ? They would coined him as “Fatty” and ” Greedy”. Someone full of greed and would stop at nothing to acquire it even through unscrupulous means. M is also someone who would promise you the Moon and the Stars and yet deliver nothing. He is what we call a mini Hooligan. Trying to scheme his way through things to obtained funds for his own purpose. Of course sacrificing a few guys along the way. Would be ideal. And in his plan there would always be a “Fall” guy.

So how does he used his Proxies. There is more than 1, more like multiple of them. He would create a “fake” directorship for them. Architect the bank account and used them to get his funding. Which might result in them not being able to pay back to the bank and eventually leads them to bankruptcy. There is already a very good example of how a certain Chinese guy landed himself in bankruptcy because of M.

We are wondering if his other proxies would wake up and see for who he really is. As for Mr Tan we will have more facts about him. In time to come.

We will also be touching on CBM (CB Morgan Capital) that have founded us James Jones & Maria De Castillo who are fake Fund providers.

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