The rise of con-man all over the world

We have noticed there is more swindlers in the market these days. Not only overseas but in Singapore as well. People love going around to cheat and steal from others as it would seem as an easier route out compared to working hard for their dough.

Besides people like James Jones there is also other characters that from what I heard have swindled people money of close to a million. The poor guy who was swindled has now been declared a bankrupt due to the fact that he is unable to repay to the bank. And he have given all his money to a swindler by the name of Tan ah Chai, a Malaysian residing in Singapore. Claims that he have Time Demand Draft that would clear if people would give him USD500K as a collateral. Of course he have an accomplice as well but we shall not reveal that to the public at this point of time. As the police is investigating into this matter. An IO (Investigation Officer) have been assigned to carry out further investigation into this.

According to insider news, Mr Tan have swindled people close to 7M which is not a small feat compared to what James have done. This swindler is much more cunning compared to our James Jones. Who is just a small time scammer.

If anyone asked to be paid an upfront for some fishy bank instrument I often suggest that it is best to make police report and the police will takeover from here

Please follow this blog for the latest update on Mr Tan and his accomplice.We will of course reveal in time what company this swindler is using to con people. Especially business people who needs funds desperately for their projects.

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