What he have said on SKYPE

Let’s look at some of the thing which he have mention on Skype messages with my source. To my sources out there it is somewhat irritating that he keeps talking but not producing. Most scammers usually talk a lot according to what I notice too. They can talk the talk but not able to walk the walk. Then what is the point ?

I have a lot going to Singapore—-$$$$ then when you see that the banks are working together we will be in Singapore for a good while.

So far I need to go to Paraguay first to finalize your loan for Yong, remember we have a Chinese Lawyer there ? Plus we have some money to move to Singapore from our personal Investment account – Quoted by James Jones on the 22nd of January 2015 12.03pm

Oh WOW and after 8 months there is still nothing. Seems like a lot of bullshit from one guy. When you see him actually working is only acquiring bank instruments, like SBLC and BGs. Knowingly that Singapore dislike these and is strongly not encourage to use them as a financial too to raise funds.

Agreement from his lawyers none of them surface. In view of all that and they want people to believe that they are real Funders. I think is fairly difficult to do so, as people only believe in what they see. Yes they were in Singapore for a good while but apparently no results. All they do everyday was talk and hoping for something to dropped from the sky. It came to a point most sources think that he thinks too highly of himself too. Which ultimately is damaging to his own reputation as a Pastor and a so call “FUNDER”

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