A Sad Truth

My sources are puzzled has he gone bonkers. Maybe he has especially since the blog spoke nothing but the truth. There is of course a way for him to claim his innocence. Which is pretty easy and that is through reimbursements. Not even funding. Funding seems too far away right now to even comprehend.

A legitimate Funder would have refunded everyone by now, without a hitch. Unless of course he have used all the money he extracted for his own daily expenses. Then it might be possible that he do not even have means of reimbursement.

He have no means of refunding, no possible means of funding and no papers (BGs and SBLCs) of his own. Then what value proposition does he have as a facilitator or Funder. That’s really sad because people pays for value and he has none of that. In everybody’s eyes he has no value, other than making a fool out of himself by talking way way too much.

A circus act would probably suits him better I guess. That’s really really sad.

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