WOW He thinks he is LKY ?

This is so funny, when my source told me to put this up online for everyone to see. He have no idea what was the post about and maybe he thinks that he is LKY


We cannot believe that he resort to stupid move like that. Besides he is a nobody, LKY is the founding father of Singapore. Who is he to compare himself to LKY. Actually when my sources knew about this they were all laughing their head off and how stupid he can be. Let’s just say his status is nowhere close to a politician.

My sources were thinking he can’t be that stupid can he. Oh well, now we know he is that stupid. A nobody and a crook who thinks that he will get the writer of this blog into trouble. Then he better think twice, we have enough evidence to get CAD to put a cuff on him man if he lands here in Singapore.

As our sources have mention earlier, until he pays up this blog will by no fear continue to write itself.

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