Different types of Evidence Kept as Proof

Let’s see what different types of evidence that we have against Mr James Jones & Maria De Castillo

1) Whatapps messages (Too many of them)

2) Emails (WoW seems a lot too)

3) Notarized MOU (Notarized in the US Embassy in Shanghai)

4) Copy of Checks that was given to them

5) Invoices of their spending here in Singapore (Airfare and Accommodation)

6) Voice Recordings of Mr James Jones asking for money, went from USD5K to USD8K (More than 1 recording)

Yup and all these are kept away to be used as evidence should investigation on them occurs.

Thanks LORD for giving us the signs, to allow us to make sure that my sources keep tabs on them and monitor their every   move. It’s amazing at how much was kept as evidence and there is no end to present these evidence online. Like seriously no end to it.

Because they are so cheap they deserve to be treated cheaply too on the web.

3 thoughts on “Different types of Evidence Kept as Proof

  1. Thomas says:

    What is the contact information for the writer of this blog? I previously left a comment requesting it but my comment was deleted. I have information to contribute. Thanks


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