A World Bank transaction, really ?

Yup, how is world bank involved in transactions like these ? It sounds like bullshit to me. After researching on World Bank, they only fund under-developing countries. Not transactions like these. We gathered that his accomplice was told to say that, and the text message have been kept as proof and evidence as well. That clients would need to pay Mr James Jones a 1% transaction fee of the loan amount to guarantee transactions of this size. World Bank could actually investigate them for the misused of the name WORLDBANK. Of course my sources will be more than glad to provide evidence towards this as well. As quoted by his accomplice

The other thing you have to know is what amount of money goes into the transaction before and it can be successful and how much has the client pay to make the transaction work. The standard requirement by the world bank is 1%, how many of your clients have paid that to James this far.

I cannot imagine the consequences should WORLDBANK have hold of this as an evidence. Which they could easily be liable for fraud. The actual copy is kept and will be presented online if they intend to do anything silly. Besides logically speaking if he is real why doesn’t he wants to pay back the reimbursement and the closing fees. It is really things like small things like these that have given them away. Secondly, if really WORLD BANK is involved wouldn’t my sources all been funded already, rather than he having to buy SBLCs off the market which turn out to be possible fakes. That’s really really stupid as whatever they say it’s in-congruent and doesn’t tally up. There is a saying that says ” You don’t have to remember the truth” Not in their case though because each lie is used to cover up for the ones before each ones that just does not sum up.

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