A Parasite Mentality

Now I can fully comprehend by what my sources have mention a Parasite mentality. He have been trying to get all my sources to get even with my source through them. This is seriously a stupid move. Not only are they very unhappy with him, they belong to my source not his. My source apparently have build a more significant relationship with them compared to him. He was just someone providing a service to fund their business. Since he have called them cheap once, I don’t think they will spare him either. Besides, putting up facts online is not false allegations, The blog states exactly what have happened. Of course Action always speaks louder than words. Words in the end holds no value unless backed by actions. Without action he is just like an empty vessel making a lot of noise. To most people that is not even noise ,is nuisance. Which unfortunately he is right  now, at this point of time trying to call everybody for help.  Until he gets his facts right, this blog will continue to write itself without fail. The world will slowly get to see his true colors as a Pastor, that is truly a shame to the christian community. Anything powered by The LORD knows no fear. Thank you LORD once again for giving me the inspiration to bring someone like him down. Besides why would such a big man be afraid of such a small blog. That’s really funny. On a side note, there is a couple of Voice recordings which have been kept as evidence and will be presented to the authorities should investigation begin and we will be more  than glad to assist in the investigation of Mr James Jones and Maria De Castillo. Until they can PROVE IT, they are nothing more than FAKES. And Fakes are worthless.

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