Happenings on the 22nd of April 2015

Let’s recap about the day when he left. My source have totally no idea about it until was informed at about 2pm and later that day that he is leaving together with his wife on the 22nd of April. It came as a surprise to everybody that is involved to be funded by him. My source also recalls very clearly on the day at the airport, he mention that he wants my source to send him 5 sets of mobile phones and Ipads for him to sell in Chile.

And with the money he made from it he will used that to pay for the air-tickets to come back to Singapore again. My source by then was hit that he is probably a guy with no money at all, else why would need to resort to all these methods to get funds to come over. His reason was they do not have technology like that in Chile. The irritating part was when my source went to purchase a cup of tea for Maria and she was wincing and whiny about it.

Seriously, these people have no manners and have obviously taken all my sources for a ride. If he is a real funder, why wouldn’t he be able to pay for his own travels here. It just doesn’t make any sense. All the oil deals and sugar deals that he is talking about. Is just talk and nothing came to fruition. Seeing that day, which he hurriedly wants to make his way back have probably confirmed even more that he is nothing but a fluke in this business of financing. A proper business person would not leave until the business is fully closed and transacted. His methods have of course given him away as well. So yes I don’t feel sorry for him for putting this up online for everyone to see. As a free loader he gets what he deserves. I believe that The LORD will see to that as well.

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