A Pastor that Threatens – because he is being exposed?


My source wanted me to put this up online for everyone to see. That as a Pastor posing as  FUNDER not being able to deliver his promise. Yet he tries to threaten my source. As for the last sentence “We funded the EUROBANK SBLC” that did not happened.

Sources have check with the monetizers, confirmed that the transaction did not happened. Let’s talk about his hospitalization, I believe that part is irrelevant to his reimbursement which he have also promised all my sources. We were all wondering from November 2014 to June 2015, for 7 months he is not able to reimbursed. This is where everyone starts to question what type of business is he in. Are all these scams or ponzi schemes ?

A proper business person would have refunded everybody by now. Besides a person conducting a real business would not take that long to fund. Any business with superb opportunities would not wait for him that long to fund. It would easily be taken up by some PEs or VCs very quickly. Most funders take 3-6 months. Maximum would be 6 months to fund a business. Anything longer than that the funder is probably not legit. For the readers information there is no team in Singapore. He doesn’t have one, although he was bullshitting to many of my sources which is not true. There is no one here that is agreeable to his way of conducting business. The reason why this blog was up only recently, my sources have given him enough time and deadlines. Because they are not fulfilled and deadlines not met. This is what happens. It should have been up a long time ago, most of my sources prefer to wait but since it is way past deadlines. He gets what he deserves.

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