Let’s look at the mountain of debt he owes

Firstly, thank you Lord for providing me this inspiration as a vessel to write and bring justice to the world. People like James Jones and Maria ought to be put in the spotlight also to be taught a lesson at the same time. Of course after my source have spoken to the monetizes of SBLCs, the monetizes they themselves are legit in real business. Their recommendation is  not to work with them. Apparently, most people which they have got in touch with would not want to be associated with them as well. Including the banks. As for his SBLCs and why are they not cashed. The reason behind it is simply because they are fakes. If they were to be less arrogant and less ignorant probably delivering something. The world would be less cruel to them I guess.

Debts he owe Source 1 : RMB 32K (Flight and accommodation in Hongkong)  + USD8K closing fees

Source 2 : Accomodation in Singapore 1K Deposit for Alexis Condo,$250 a night in RiverView Hotel and USD110 for his new passport

Source 3 : Business class travel from Singapore back to Chile 8K (November 2014), Emirates flight 6K (James Jones and Maria on the trip here on the 5th of March) + Alexis condo payment of 6K + 300 for his stay here in Robertson Quay hotel and Hotel Jen here in November The total cost that we are looking at around here is close to $40K SGD not including his fancy meals of seafood every night when he was here on the 5th of March. If that was taken to the total it would be close to at least 45-50K.

Each seafood meal cost between $300-$400 a meal and the night at altitude was at least $800 a night. Not forgetting the source that is powering from behind that have wasted 3 bottles of wine on lousy people like them. That night would have easily cost up to 1K. In actual fact his owing is as much as 50K. Well, if he want fancy accommodations and fancy meals. It is only fair that he have to pay the price. Naturally also for the consequences of non-delivering. I believe that the amount he owed is way more than is mentioned, as there is other sources which my source is not in touch with.

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