He dreams of MONEY

It is weird that people thinks that they can get away with things like that. In other parts of the world probably but not in Singapore. Singapore although a nice garden city can be pretty hostile towards people like cons and scammers. Should any threats be made to my source, it will immediately be posted online for the world to see. We don’t spare accomplices too.

Besides according to my source the momentum on this blog is catching up and is widely spread to the US embassies already, including those in Singapore and other parts of the world.

For the readers information, he did tried threatening and it will be posted up as well. To unveil his shady character as a Pastor. Also as a FUNDER. He did say it in his own words ” Everybody will get their money back, they will see that we have money and they will kiss the floor” – quoted by James Jones 12th June 2015 

Only 2 kinds of people talk like that people who have no money dreaming about it and people that thinks that they will have a lot of money.

Seriously, lets wait till that day happens.  Until then no one funds a fake SBLC.

He did mention reimbursement will be done this month. Let’s see all eyes are watching.

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