Clearance of Funds from KL to Singapore, really ?

Now let’s look at something that my source have send to me. Which is clearly another lie. According to what we have check this Eurobank in Azerbaijan have only one branch situated only in Azerbaijan and no where else. In this short message which he have send to my source. It says that the deposits have cleared which is also untrue. My sources have also double checked with the bank  about this transaction and all they have was heard of it but nothing concrete. IMG_5278 It seems that this Pastor is very very fond of lying. Each lie seems bigger than the last one. He did mention that the funds have already been send to compliance with the bank. Which is another lie, because after double checking the bank mentioned that until the funds are here then it is possible to go through compliance. He is also a crook that is not aware of basic banking rules. Which sends nerves down the many sources of mine. Should he be in this business for the past 29 years wouldn’t he have known all that already. This monetizer is a chinese and in his own words he said all these ” They do not have their own SBLC, expect us to give them their SBLC and fund at the same time” Means ATG have zero papers. Something which my sources have suspected all along. Can I ask what value proposition does ATG have since they have no papers and no funds ? Zero value to the monetizer at the same time.

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