Leaving sneakingly on the 22nd of April 2015 – trying to leave all obligations behind

Let’s take a look at his passport an old one  This is exactly how he looks like on the passport. For readers who thinks that he is unreal, he is more than real. His behavior very sneaky though with no transparency in his dealings. After being here for 6 weeks in Singapore without completing any transaction, he decided to escape and sneak his way back to Chile. His departure for his flight was at 1.40am. He only called my sources and told them he is leaving Singapore around 9pm. Most of them by then were too stunned when they have found out last minute that he is about to leave. While things are still hanging here not done and not completed.  Intent to deceive and fraud??

I felt that too and realized that maybe, he is not genuine about doing those deals. At the same time finding an excuse to get back home because of a church conference which he was going to attend in Argentina with his wife.  Both he and his wife was supposed to extend their stay here until the deal was done. However, since both of them have no responsibility and duties towards my sources they chose to leave on the 22nd of April 2015 instead. I think because of that multiple sources have been greatly displeased about their way of conducting their businesses. Very unprofessional and bad mannerism in their conduct. People could text or email them and they won’t reply for the whole day until they sort of feel like it. The display of arrogance and cheapness is also something that have turn many people off. Well, for a fact that their expenses have been paid along with accommodations. I believe that they have  lost a lot of goodwill along the way with their kind of behavior. Arrogance can only be displayed if they have somewhat funded and proven themselves.

Then I think my sources would be more forgiving towards them. Coming here cheap with no funds and no money, telling people that they are traveling on a business trip. It is these small things that have given them away and force my sources to check on their legitimacy. Promising funding and not producing is also not an excuse. A real business person does not conduct themselves in that manner. Using his credit card that doesn’t work as an excuse. Before he came he said that his credit card have been blocked and can only be used in Singapore. Once he is here his credit card is still blocked and cannot be used here. What sort of excuse is that. It sounds entirely like bullshit to me. Another possibility and a very real one is that he have no money to start with. Posing as a Funder. is the only way for people to pay his trip here with the promise of funding.

That to me is outright cheap or should I say cheaper than cheap – its outright DECEPTION!!!! I really thank The LORD who has inspired me to write all these and inform the public of people like that. That lurks around in the shadows, pretending to be someone great. . IMG_3953

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