His ways of extracting money, and leaving his wife to take the fall

Now lets look at a part of the business agreement that was done up by him and was sent to my source on the 9th of June 2015. Take note that this agreement and the SBLC that have been stated in the agreement have not even reached Singapore yet. If you look at the agreement on item 4.4 it states that my source would need to pay him a sum of twenty thousand (USD20,000) as a fee. Allowing him to facilitate the entire process of bringing in the instrument and monetizing it. IMG_5499 So if he is only a facilitator does it mean that he is not a FUNDER ? When this agreement was sent there was a previous agreement to another of my source which was not amended after he made the mistake of interest free period for the 1st 6 months. Well, he did not bother to change that agreement but went ahead to draft up a new agreement instead asking for a $20,000 dollar fee, when he have not even manage a successful funding in Singapore. For all those who wondered who sign off for the agreement it was none other than his wife Maria De Castillo. IMG_5498 In a sense his business practices is flawed. While not completing the funding of the previous projects. He went on to secure the next project instead. My source did go to the bank to confirm if the SBLC have landed in a local bank here and it obviously had not. Besides, my source confirmed with the bank that they have only heard about it but have not seen it. He is  probably just trying to rip people off but not performing to what he have promised. Is a major joke to always hear him say “we performed”. Every fact stated here is backed by real evidence.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to my precious. I am really very sorry about it.

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