Does he really owns a COPPER MINE ? Or own ANYTHING?

Every time I sit behind my lappy and write a new post the juices just flow through me like I am just a vessel to bring the truth to light. Serving justice at the out-most level to those that deserve. Every inspiration I have it came from a higher conscious working towards a greater good. Bringing the blog to the next level hitting new heights. I am grateful for that too. Especially to the power that is powering this blog from behind.
Now lets focus and bring ourselves back to our popular subject Mr James Jones and of course not forgetting his wife Maria De Castillo. The person behind the signing of the bank accounts, checks and MOUs. Mr Jones himself is an interesting character that apparently talks a lot. Like way too much sometimes forgetting that in our society especially in Singapore – Action speaks louder than words. Mr Jones prides himself as a Pastor. Well, I don’t know man but it’s a shame to the christian community. He is one of the smoothest talker that I have ever seen in my life. Everything he says seems to come with much fluidity from his mouth but none was backed by his actions. And because of his NATO (No actions talk only) character, my sources start to suspect if whatever he did say is true. Everything sounded like a smoke screen to smoke other screens using a bigger and larger smoker. If I have a smoker like that I would smoke some pretty darn good BBQ like pork belly. Too bad in Singapore we are not allowed to have one. Unless of course if we have a house with a backyard then it pretty much fits.
For my readers out there Mr James Jones from Chile is not a fictional character, he is real true flesh and blood. A little on the heavy side but he is definitely for real. As for his wife, well other than wincing and whining she enjoys shopping and spending other people’s money I guess. Who doesn’t its human nature they just however do it more blatantly. Carrying the weight of being a FUNDER. So naturally people pays for everything while they just sipped wines and eat the night away. Mentioning about the power behind it, that night of 3 bottles of red wine and good beef was certainly a waste on them. Especially them because they are nothing but talk. Talked without action don’t last very long, as a person that enjoys conspiracy theories. It doesn’t take much effort to see through their smoke and mirrors as well. Compared to most of my conspiracy theories which I research on, they are what I call cheap and easy crooks. What I read on and research on is much more complex compared to a couple trying to be FUNDERS. The worst part of these people they call my sources CHEAP. While they themselves are cheap and no word describe them better than that. My sources even told me the gold jewellery which Maria is wearing are fakes man. Then it got me thinking if their accessories are fake, could they be fakes too. It hit my like a lightning bolt because for someone who owns COPPER MINES. Yes he said it himself COPPER MINES. Would you put on fake jewellery ?  If you think logically it is very unlikely. So somewhere somehow along the line they have given themselves away bit by bit without realizing that people are keeping tabs on them. You will be more surprised if you know that he don’t own millions but goes around in Singapore looking at million dollar properties. We are not talking about a cheap 1mil home. But Hamilton@Sotts and Ritz Carlton Residences. Seriously, the idiosyncrasy behind it is way too complex even for me to understand but simple enough though for me to find out.

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