The many happenings in November 2014

The surge of energy flowing through me that is pushing me to write is incredible. Unstoppable too at the same time. Especially since this blog was created to inform the public of the wrongdoings of others.Thank Lord for channeling this through me to create a greater good for mankind. And of course rid the world of cons and scams. According to my source, the November period was a hectic one for them as they have to made their way from one end of China to the other end to get the MOU Notarized. This important document was Notarized in the US Embassy and the hard copy have been kept as a form of evidence. There is great importance in Notarizing a document as mention by Mr Jones, as it would hold up in court. My sources are glad that they have got it Notarized as well. Every bits and pieces of information on this blog is based on pure facts supported with evidence. Nothing is made up. From what we know the SBLCs that have landed in HK was not funded either. It seems that the many SBLCs are just pieces of paper with no value tied to them. High chance that these notes might turn out to be fakes also. Should Mr James Jones be someone who have been in this business for the past 29 years. Wouldn’t he be able to discern the real from the fakes. Or is this another lie that he is probably a rookie in this business with no experience of financing at all. Everyone that have provided me with information have indeed done me a great help and of course great displeasure in dealing with ATG and Mr James Jones. Should funding really happen, I would be more than glad to inform the world at large as well. Let’s wait and see my sources are all keeping watch on this very closely.

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