Let’s look back at the email he send on 25th November 2014 – more promises & SBLCs!!

So far we still need the invoice for the Flights and Hotel expenses incurred for my stay in Hong Kong and flight plus for the meals incurred on my behalf. This is important for the loan processing agent. I also need the flight expenses for the inspection crew and their hotel stay. There are some files that I was to receive from the inspection team and since their visit occurred almost a week later than originally planned, due to visa delays, then we need to work on agreements and loan schedules also. My reason for sharing this with you is because we have been informed that we have a deadline by December 5th and there is still a lot to be done. As I had indicated we are working on bridge funding at the same time, this is already under way but we will need an account in Hong Kong or Singapore to fund into.

This was an email which was send to my source. It was indicated so clearly that there is deadline which the funding must be carried out. Since November 2014 and there is also still no signs of reimbursement as yet. It really sounds like all bullshit to me and to my sources. There are already tons of SBLCs in the market which he failed to monetize. It includes Alfa Bank, one which was send to XX Bank and also Eurobank. None of this managed to get monetized. Most recently there is news that there is an SBLC from Natwest Bank in Hongkong, awaiting to be cashed out. Well Lets see about that. My sources are keeping a watchful eye on this.

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