Let’s look at what other sources say about Mr James Jones

I don’t really want to put myself in his mind! From what I have seen and heard, he claims to have networks that he has “borrowed” from others and then claims them as his own. Usually people do this to take advantage of those they think can be easily milked – I think the term in hustler language is a “mark”. It is easier to steal networks than work to build up genuine relationships over a long period of time, but those “contacts” are never sufficient for enduring relationships of any quality. Relationships of any value must be symbiotic – parasites find that hard to understand, but they usually have all the right words to get them in a position to milk the mark!
As I mention in my past post, they do call them Parasite and this is a fact. This was exactly the words that my source have mention it to me in his email. Is obviously James Jones is taking advantage of the people out there. As far as I am concerned, my sources will keep providing me with evidence until this blows up in his face. This is also the price that they need to pay for taking people’s money without fulfilling their duties.

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