Closing Fees – gave me your money (again)!!

Oh Yes he has the cheek to ask for closing fees of USD8K for a deal which did not go through. All these are all in his own words

I gave you a copy of the swift, they are not going to say 2 months, 3 months. Is charge is done. So Maria is going to give a discount.

Well I think that this sounds like crap to me. Well obviously the bank did received the swift but there is no clearance for the swift and thus no cash out. Apparently, they have spent 6 weeks in Singapore and nothing gets done. Is all talk and no actual funding was done.

I send the request and XX  received it and now all these guys will get funded.

XX is XX bank but in Malaysia. Yes the swift was there but nothing was funded.

The 760 come right back after the 799, and we are trying to use the Kuala Lumpur branch where the money

comes through. This was extracted from the voice recording done on 2nd April 2015

Because these people were too ignorant that should the bank be able to received the swift they should be able to monetized it. Which is clearly not true. There is obviously no clearance for it the bank doesn’t approved it and thus no funds. Of course when he was asking for fees the 760 was not delivered yet only 799. Nor was it stated on the MOU that closing fees was required before funding. This happen on the 2nd of April 2015.

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