A Pastor with No Manners

image For people out there who are wondering what both of them look like. This is the the image of them. Apparently, I have sources that is not very pleased with him and as a Pastor he has no manners and bad at conducting himself.

We have not consummated our agreement since the contents or participants are no longer involved and the transaction has been discontinued. Please understand, and don’t take it to heart, that certain business behavioral practices displayed really presented concern.

And this is an email which he sent to my source. It is ironical, pot calling the kettle black!  It seems that he is still holding onto a pipe dream. I would say that the way he presented himself is a concern to especially to my sources. Funding is already way delayed since November 2014 and it seems that everyone who has been in touch with him or his wife is very concern about their behavior as well. And little does he knows that the previous source is not keen on monetizing his SBLC for him anymore as they have deemed him as insincere and not genuine in their dealings.

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