Confimation from more Sources

Something prompted me to dig even further. Of course which I did and the truth surfaces. This was all quoted by my sources.

The MOU we have with ATG had a precondition of finance from ATG to be deposited in our accounts in the USA. That was the exchange of valuables that would have sealed the Agreement, but as ATG has not delivered on the promise there is no enforceable MOU. Before we decided to travel to Singapore, we were promised funding would be in the USA “. . . before you leave Singapore. . .”; and then while in Singapore JJ explained that he had been forced by Oscar Merson to put the funds “. . .in a bullet trade. . . ” but that they would be available “. . .within 9 days when the bullet trade matured. . .”. We arrived back home and the nine days were up and still no sign of the funds.

And not only that but he even tried to “double dip” trying to extract more cash out of them. This happen before, during and after their trip to Singapore. The best part is he wanted to use the funds for the registration of the company in Singapore and also bank capital. Ok that hit me hard I was like “WOW” this James Jones sounds like crap then. Not only he is blowing his horn to tell others he is able to fund but he wants to setup everything without using his own money, even when he has to pay for share cap!

Obviously the bullet trade didn’t happen either. He was obviously hoping for one big FLUKE and is a super big CON.

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