Then came a weird email … help my daughter.

This email was send by him to my client while he was in Singapore on the 16th of March. In the email he mention that the lawyers suggested that he opened 3 companies for doing the business here in Singapore and asked to use my client’s address for his business address. This was not the weird part the part that was very very strange was when he was asking for an advance of $1500 and $500 to be send back to his daughter in chile.

Can you advance $1500 until next week when the funds come in ? We cannot move money in the account we now have since we found out the shareholders are also still controlling the account and if we do that they can remove Maria from the account and stay in control of the funds. We will be using part of the money to open a new account as well as send some help to my daughter who is back in Chile.

The shareholders offered Maria full control of an account, but no – they preferred the cash! Oh yes and all these were his exact words. Mainly to extract more money and on that same day he also lied to my client saying that HE has paid for the apartment and all his expenses which is also clearly a lie. It has been 3 months since he said that funds was coming and nothing came. None of his deals came through and so up till today 28th of June 2015 there is still no sign of funds. I am also very sure if he goes down Maria will go down instead of him. He will definitely still be fine but as for his wife I am not so sure.

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