All smoke and mirrors – his poor wife is the front man?

Let me go back and explain to all to of all you. I am sure that many of you are not aware that Mr James Jones frequently uses his wife as a sole signatory to all the bank accounts and her passport copy of the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding).

He does not like to show his name anywhere – does the US IRS know this??

The reason for his according to him, he is out to evade tax and thus is using her name instead as she is from Dominica Republic and thus would not be taxed in US and Chile? As months have gone by without funding and reimbursement it have led us to think maybe otherwise – that because should anything wrong or bad happen, he will not be the one getting the blame but his wife by the name of Maria De Castillo.

If everything were to be pieced together, and should  ATG (Aleph Trading Group SPA) really should have considerable assets the SBLC would have been delivered and funded. The real reason for him doing this is for her to take the blame and not him and real business people in the business world do not stoop to such level to do things like that to avoid tax.

Everything as mention about Mr James Jones he is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Besides I am 100% sure that ATG have no assets at all. And which bank would back a $2 company?  Maybe the banks he sweet talks but later may close his accounts!

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