‘5th March 2015

It was 5th of March and both he and his wife are finally here. Mine you they boarded Emirates paid by my client. Their earlier flight was ‘cancelled’ and it seems that both of them cannot even pay their own way here. They called my client and said Chilean credit cards cant be used to book flights!!!!  Ok…

Well as for their other accommodations it was paid too – for a full month in a 2 bed serviced apartment. Assuming if they were real Funders I think some people wouldn’t mind. And up till date they still owe the some money for  the apartment that was unpaid for. About 2K plus which was since 6th of April 2015, and 6k before that. I think the thought about that left a bad after taste in people’s mouth.

The moment they arrived they were checked in and headed straight to the bank at about 5pm. To change the company’s signatory to the name of his wife Maria De Castillo. This was the time we thought that after the change there will definitely be funds. As he said the funding will be done on the 2nd week of March 2015. Which did not happen. Surprise surprise!!

This funding was supposed to happen in November 2014 but until March 2015 there was still nothing, only talk. And yet both of them came to have more fun in Singapore, drinking and eating most of the time. Spending other people’s money.

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