He is incapable of funding. Maybe all he can do is organise a drink up in a brewery – or maybe even not that!!

It is pretty obvious now that we all know that he is not a Funder. There is no way that he could actually be one. From my experience if he really does have funds somewhere it would be easy to churn out a BG or an SBLC (Standby letter of credit) and with that it would have been funded already. According to what I have learned, these funders are legit and they have been waiting for Mr Jones to send them his SBLC for the past 14 days. Because it just make no sense to these people that they would fund Mr Jones with their own SBLC and CASH. No one does that. Which also means that Mr Jones is of no value to them if all he wanted was their SBLC and CASH. Of course before all these in between there is some happenings when he was here during March 2015. This is 3 months after his saga in the hospital before he finally decided to come. There will certainly be a post of what exactly happen in between. Throughout the entire process he has been very sneaky and cagey in all his doings. Many of my clients have also been kept in the dark about what he thinks and what he is able to achieve. Pulling funds out of thin air! I am certain that all he does is pitching and hoping for the best.  That these funders would provide him with their own SBLC and CASH, and pay for his working holidays.  And why not – he sees the world in style, all for free!!
What a con man – and preaching at the same time!!

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