Cheap Chileans or cheap pesos? Or cheap and shameful James and Maria?

Whatever sources which I have spoken to, not to my surprise they do not have a good impression of Mr Jones and his wife. His wife is a legal counsel – yet things have not been dealt in a professional manner. All she cared for was shopping and eating and drinking – latter 2 on others’ hospitality. Some sources even call them “Parasites” and I was like Oh they really do not make a good impression with these people. Other sources calls them insincere and not genuine in their business dealings. Speaking about eating they fancy expensive meals like seafood especially and that really cost a bomb for all those who have paid for their meals. It turns me off as they were supposed to be here on a business trip to get things done. Yet after 6 weeks nothing was accomplished. Just daily chat on SKYPE working on his so call DEALS. If these were true deals then why do they not even have basic traveling expenses.

Which is something very off. For a major FUNDER to not have expenses. Each seafood dinner cost approximately between $300-$400 bucks and they do not even have means of paying it. The thought of it just doesn’t click. Would a millionaire have really no money. Well I do not believe it, unless his millions are in Chilean pesos and not in USD. Then it might have made more sense. Because if ATG were to have their so called assets, these could have been pledged to the bank as collateral. Then from my experience is not hard to get the bank to issue an SBLC or BG and the cash out of the instrument would have already been done. But till date is not and more sources have confirmed that they are no longer working with them. There is more than one source that have confirmed most of what I have stated. And all these are true facts which also means that ATG doesn’t and does not have any asset to start with. All they are hoping was for some miracle to happened and projects can be funded. That sounds more like a pipe dream to me.  Closing deals on SKYPE sounds like a fluke too. After speaking to so many people and sources – oh well he might not be a real funder probably just an intermediary but with totally no experience in the business of financing. For someone to blow such a big horn but produce no results it is only in a matter of time where people will start questioning his words and his action. What is sinful is wasting people’s time and money for so many months – in fact a year now!!

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